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Whether you are a trainer selling a service, or a tack dealer selling a product, one thing is for certain, you need to advertise. You need to get your name or product out there. Nobody is going to buy a product that they don't know exists. While word of mouth is a wonderful way to advertise, it only works with a client that is ready to buy a product or service now. If they are looking to utilize your product or service down the road, they most likely will have forgotten your name, and may go to your competitor, who's name is more recognized. The best way to advertise is to keep your ad consistently in front of potential clients so they won't forget your name.

Business Directory

Business Directory ads include a business card on the MQHA Website with a link to your website! If you would like your business included in our Business Directory, contact the Michigan Quarter Horse Journal at or call 810.714.9000. The cost is $250 per year, and includes a black and white business card in the Michigan Quarter Horse Journal.

Star Partner Program

A partnership with MQHA is a great way for businesses and organizations to co-brand their products and services in the MQHA marketplace. MQHA offers over 40 AQHA/MQHA shows a year which average over 11,700 entries, ranking MQHA fifth in the nation for show participation. With over 900 members and growing, sponsorship is a win-win for everybody.

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