Youth Program Participants

MQHA Youth Program

The Michigan Quarter Horse Youth Association is a division of the MQHA for members 18 years old and under. MQHYA members can participate in shows and compete for a spot on Michigan's AQHYA World Championship Show Team and the Congress National Youth Activity Team Tournament (NYATT) team, as well as earn points towards year-end awards.

The MQHYA encourages its members to be active in the show pen and outside of it through numerous fundraisers and volunteer efforts held each year. Michigan youth are encouraged to get involved by attending meetings, running for office, and even participating in AQHA's Youth Excellence Seminar. A youth does not have to show to become involved!

2017 MQHYA Youth Team Qualifying Policy

The qualifying period for the Youth World Show Team begins on September 1, 2016 and ends on May 31, 2017. The qualifying period for NYATT Team begins on September 1, 2016 and ends on July 9, 2017. Please note: this is new as the MQHA Great Lakes Classic held during the Michigan Quarter Horse Breeders’ Futurity and MQHA Harvest Classic (November) will now be included.

For more information about the MQHYA contact Jeff West (517) 881-1145, or email

Get Involved

If you want more information or to get involved in the MQHYA Youth program, contact us at

Thayne Miner

Thayne Miner

Thayne Miner Memorial Horsemanship Class

Thayne Miner of Freeland, Michigan was a member and a good friend of MQHA. He lived most of his life in Midland County where he was raised. He became interested in horses at a young age, and was active in the Michigan Quarter Horse Association as a youth. Thayne was successful at training and showing horses, and as an MQ member, devoted much of his time to youth activities.

In 1980, MQHA President Clinton Raines, MQHYA Director Mike Havens, Youth President Mike Carroll, and the MY Board instituted the "Thayne Miner Memorial Trophy," to be awarded annually to a Michigan Youth in memory of a great horseman who was loved by all who worked with him, showed with him and knew him.

2017 Thayne Miner Winner - Elizabeth West

Thayne Miner Trophy Winners

  • 2017: Elizabeth West
  • 2016: Catherine Tata
  • 2015: Alyssa Luckhardt
  • 2014: Sheyenne Nelson
  • 2013: Caleb Bailie
  • 2012: Kodi O’Boyle
  • 2011: Karlee Cassiday
  • 2010: Sydney Anson
  • 2009: Lauren Steward
  • 2008: Samantha Chiodo
  • 2007: Meghan Murphy
  • 2006: Kara Oldford
  • 2005: Meggan Werkema
  • 2004: Katie Walton
  • 2003: Taylor Tenlen
  • 2002: KatyJo Davis
  • 2001: Kaleena Katz
  • 2000: Jolene Wadds
  • 1999: Brandy Baldwin
  • 1998: Sarah Flesher
  • 1997: Stephanie Walton
  • 1996: Sara Irons
  • 1995: Jill Laidlaw
  • 1994: Natalie Wisler
  • 1993: Mandy Strohkirch
  • 1992: Courtney Scheid
  • 1991: Denise Pusz
  • 1990: Megan Krajniak
  • 1989: Ginger Visser
  • 1988: Victoria Woods
  • 1987: David Caverly
  • 1986: Kim Rapp
  • 1985: Kerry Londo
  • 1984: Jenelle Marcerau
  • 1983: Bonnie Slagh
  • 1982
  • 1981
  • 1980: Sandy DeJonge

Youth Program Information

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2017 Youth World and NYATT team standings as of May 18, 2017.

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