Convention Information

Every year, members of the Michigan Quarter Horse Association come together for a number of activities, to socialize and award the accomplishments of the past year. The Annual MQHA Convention was held January 8-9, 2021.

2021 Convention

The 2021 Convention will be held as a Virtual convention January 8-9, 2021. 

MQHA Convention

2021 Flier


Convention Schedule


2020 Convention Results

The MQHA takes great pride in honoring the members below. Thank you also to MQHA Queen Kate Clapp for presenting the awards at the 2020 convention.

Mother and Father of the Year

Danielle and Ryan Lindsay 

Adult Sportsperson of the Year 

Michelle Warda 

Member of the Year 

Cheryl Mcgrath 

Most Valued Professional

Tom Robertson 


MQHA Show of the Year

Harbor Classic 

Austin Gooding, Megan Hirschman, Barb Foster, Queen Kate 

Hall of Fame Horse Cierra Zarcharia


Hall of Fame Inductees

Rick and Juile Leek



Not pictured 

Youth Sportsperson-

Elizabeth Meerman 


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