Horseback Riding Program

Horseback Riding Program

The MQHA Offers A Horseback Riding Program

Michigan Quarter Horse Association (MQHA) is pleased to announce its Horseback Riding Program, which is open to anyone who owns an American Quarter Horse. The program, which rewards hours spent in the saddle, is similar to the AQHA’s Horseback Riding Program.

Three award levels are available for hours spent riding an American Quarter Horse:

  • Bronze (150 hours)
  • Silver (200 hours)
  • Gold (300+ hours).

A year-end award for a participants achievement level will be given at the Annual MQHA Convention in January. A top Youth and a top Adult award will also be given each program year. The idea behind the program is to encourage AQHA owners to ride their horses, and to ride them often. The program also provides a venue for AQHA owners to be involved in the state affiliate even if they don’t show, or no longer show.

The MQHA Horseback Riding Program is an annual program. The program runs from Nov. 15 through Nov. 14 each year. To participate in the program, riders must be a current member of the MQHA. A $35 registration fee is also required for the Horseback Riding Program. Download forms below, or call (616) 225-8211 for more information.


Program Rules  Registration    Log Sheet

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