MQHA Youth Program

The Michigan Quarter Horse Youth Association is a division of the MQHA for members 18 years old and under. MQHYA members can participate in shows and compete for a spot on Michigan’s AQHYA World Championship Show Team and the Congress National Youth Activity Team Tournament (NYATT) team, as well as earn points towards year-end awards.

The MQHYA encourages its members to be active in the show pen and outside of it through numerous fundraisers and volunteer efforts held each year. Michigan youth are encouraged to get involved by attending meetings, running for office, and even participating in AQHA’s Youth Excellence Seminar. A youth does not have to show to become involved!

MQHYA Youth Team Qualifying

World Show Team Letter of Intent:

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NYATT Team Letter of Intent:

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For more information about the MQHYA contact the Youth Advisor, Nicole Veldhoff via email at

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Youth World Team

 2023 MQHA Youth World Team

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2023 MQHA NYATT Team


2023 MSBA NYATT Team

MQHYA – Academic Achievement Award

This honor roll- type program is designed to recognize outstanding achievement by youth members in their schoolwork and will be awarded to qualifying youth members twice per year. If you would like to participate in this award program please see the following link for an award application.

»  Academic Achievement Award Application 

 Scholarship opportunity – MESF

Mission Statement: The Michigan Equine Scholarship Fund is dedicated to the encouragement and investment in all qualified equine youth and/or the children of our military veterans involved in equine related therapeutic recovery, to offer access to the appropriate or desired post-secondary education, including but not limited to two and four year colleges and universities, community college and vocational and trade schools, regardless of economic circumstances.

Please go to the MESF website for information including how to apply and how to donate. 

(Michigan Equine Scholarship Fund is not owned by or affiliated with the Michigan Quarter Horse Association or any other entity.)

Get Involved

If you want more information or to get involved in the MQHYA Youth program, contact us at

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